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Which websites to avoid when looking to date women from Eastern Europe

There are a lot of international 'dating' websites out there that only want to take as much money as possible from unsuspecting men. The good thing is that these websites are usually pretty easy to spot. These are a few things to look out for when choosing a website:

  • Their membership plan. On fake websites you pay for every mail that you read or write and to chat with women you also pay per minute. Their plan is to send you as many fake mails as they can to earn as much as they can from you. Website employees pretent to be girls and keep men talking as long as possible. Good websites have flat monthly fees which lets you communicate an unlimited amount with a fixed or unlimited number of women. 
  • Does the website let you exchange contact information? Because bad websites want to keep you on their website as long as possible to earn from you, they will often try to block any other way of communicating like Skype and email.
  • Do a lot of women try to contact you even before you put up a picture and complete your profile? That is not normal in the real world. Ask yourself, why would a woman write to you even before they know anything about you? Fake websites are sending you automated communications in the hope you will pay to open one of them.
  • Do all women look like models with professional pictures? This is another reason to close the website immediatly. Although women from the East usually look nicer and have much nicer pictures then women on local websites, that can not be true for all profiles on a serious website. 
  • Do all women look for men twice their age? Again, not going to happen in the real world. Girls and women from Eastern Europe, like women at home, usually prefer men that are about the same age as themselves.

Do not worry though. There are still a number of good dating websites on the web with real women looking for real love. Ofcourse is one of them and we invite everybody to sign up!

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