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Visit many vs visit one

When looking for a partner abroad there are a few ways to go about it. They are called the visit many and visit one. Ultimately everyone should decide for themselves which to choose. 

The most obvious approach is to find a girl online that you really like a lot and really get to know her before deciding to get on an airplane to visit her in her country. With Skype and other means of communication these days you can really get to know eachother before the first meeting. Besides, not all girls will agree to a meeting with someone they barely know. There are a few downfalls though. For example, on the first date sparks may not fly in reality as you thought they would. Especially if you booked some weeks of holidays together or even worse staying at her place, you may find yourself quickly alone abroad and thousands of dollars spend.

Also keep in mind that girls get a lot of messages and chances are that they also wont be talking to only you. There are a lot of keyboard Romeo's out there and until you actually met in reality, girls will not take you 100% serious. 

There is another way to meet women though without betting all your holidays on one girl, the visit many approach. With the visit many approach you carefully make a standard initial message with who you are and what you are looking for in a future partner and send it to as many girls as possible. It might be a good idea to focus on a certain area or country to be actually able to meet as many of them once you go. After a few rounds of mailing with the girls that responded, you should have a shortlist and it is time to book a flight and actually meet them in reality even if it is just for a cup of coffee. For this to work you should have already set up a vacation to visit the girls within weeks after writing them. And there should be enough room to have follow up dates if the first one went well.

This was just a very brief overview of the ways to approach dating women abroad. Which one is best for you may depend on your situation and preference. In either way, don't wait too long before actually getting on an airplane. 

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