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Why Dating Russian or Ukrainian Women is a Good Way to Find a Partner

Let’s think who can be a suitable or even perfect partner for you! It’s a woman with whom you feel good. Here I remember James Brown’s song I Feel Good and the movie K9 when the dog was happy after having sex. But I’m not talking about sex only. I’m talking about how you feel with the right person who cares about you and you care about her. You like how she looks, how she looks at you with love and joy in her eyes, you like how she smells, what she says. You like yourself when you’re with her. You’re in a good mood with her, you’re proud of yourself when you’re with her. You have a reliable partner and a good company when you’re with her. She can be a woman of any nationality. 

But Why a Russian or Ukrainian Woman Can Be That Perfect Match for You?

Let’s talk about finding the right person to fill in a work position. Who do you think would be the best person for the job? Someone with the necessary skills and experience, as well as high motivation to work for the salary you can pay, and really needing the job.

It works exactly the same when you are looking for a life partner. If you are sure that marriage is what you want at this point in your life.

Relationship is always work for each partner. But in some cultures women are more focused on the family values. And Ukrainian or Russian women appreciate such values sometimes even more than making their career meanwhile getting higher education. So choosing a Ukrainian or Russian girl as a partner you get “TWIX” someone with strong family values and an educated person who can also find a well paid job in your country. They are usually very pretty, sexy, smart, cheerful, easy-going, flexible. These women can change their lives, get another education or another job in a new country. They are strong and smart enough to do that especially if they get the right man to start a family with.

The Russian and Ukrainian Culture

The Russian and Ukrainian culture is strictly directed towards creating a family. It is the way for mature people to ensure their kids are going to do well in life. Once the children found a partner and dedicated themselves to this person in a marriage–the official union of love, which is supposed to last a lifetime–only then the parents can relax.

Of course, Ukrainian and Russian parents still help their kids for a long time, because local guys and girls marry fairly young. But parents feel that they have done their job and now the future lives of their kids have the right direction.

In the western culture, once kids are 18, the parents feel that youngsters should now take off and make a life for themselves. No one expects a girl to leave home only when she gets married, which is typical for Russia or Ukraine, for instance.

How Russian or Ukrainian Girls are Brought Up

Since they were little, Russian and Ukrainian girls are brought up that for a female her happiness is in the family. This means a marital union with kids. Living together is not considered a proper marriage; only officially registered couples have the rights of husbands and wives. If you are in a de-facto relationship, then you are strangers or neighbours in the eyes of the law.

If you chat to Russian Ukrainian girls, you can discover they think that once they get married, their life will be complete and it will definitely become better. This is their view not only about a marriage to a foreigner, but any registered union, including getting married with a local man.

Finding a Partner in Russia and Ukraine

This high motivation behind a search for a lifetime partner is what makes Russian and Ukrainian wives valuable.

It is also for the same reasons a woman from Russia and Ukraine views a regular western man as special.

Average wages in Russia and Ukraine are still US$300-600 a month, while prices for goods are on par with the rest of the world. This is also a reason why the women from these countries can do a lot of things very well even if they have different specialization. Usually they cook like chefs. They can put wallpaper, repair a sofa or a car, sew or knit clothes, grow vegetables and fruit and so on. Everything is expansive and women have to learn to do all these things to save and increase a family budget.

Your earning around US$3,000 monthly is viewed as a great income for a family.

Of course, women understand that money goes a longer way in Russia or Ukraine as compared to western countries. But there is still quite a difference in lifestyle and stability, which makes a foreign marriage attractive, especially if she could not find a partner locally, no matter how hard she tried.

It’s difficult to buy a house in Russia or Ukraine with such small salary and because of inflation. But it’s possible to do in Western countries.

Mistakes of Dating Russian and Ukrainian Women

The biggest mistake of online connections with Russian and Ukrainian girls is PPL (pay per letter) pseudo dating. These websites pay commissions for generated content (chats, mail, photos) to service providers (agents), who have a direct incentive to hire impersonators to falsify online romances. This is only possible when you are charged for every message you send or receive.

But it is this industry, PPL, which permeated Russian or Ukraine’s online international dating scene. The earnings on fake communication are so lucrative that even long-term companies that started in 1990s switched to PPL, along with hundreds of totally fake scamming schemes.

The only way to avoid being scammed through fake communication is to NOT pay per letter.

Fortunately, there are still a few international dating sites featuring profiles of  Russian and Ukrainian women that offer a transparent membership-based model. Our dating site is one of them. Nowadays everything is FREE because we’ve just started, although we already have a lot of beautiful women.

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